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Application Development

SSI Logic has an extensive history executing application development and prototype projects for both commercial and federal organizations.

Professionals in Project Execution

R&D and Collaborative Partnerships

Because no single company can do it all, our team has significant experience leveraging specialized technologies to deliver innovation for new projects. Using SSI Logic's core expertise in project management and software development, our team has developed deep expertise in:

  • Accessibilty and Section 508 Compliance
  • Web design and usability testing
  • Web application development
  • Technical project management
  • Technical analysis and advisory

Custom Software Development

Since 2004, SSI Logic has applied its knowledge in software and project management to enterprises seeking to realize their vision. Solutions range from custom, web-based development; to specialized software applications. Having developed the project management curriculum relied on by thousands of students, SSI Logic is effectively positioned to successfully and repeatedly execute projects.

SSI Logic has executed custom projects for a wide variety of organizations:

  • Public sector and federal agencies
  • Corporate enterprise
  • Partnership collaborations
  • Prototypes for new ventures

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